OEM designs and manufactures both Electromagnetic (EMI) and Ultrasonic (UT) Pipe Inspection Equipment.  Offering a complete line of products including Mag / Demag Units, Magnetizing Coils, Capacitive Discharge Units, Inspection Supplies, Tools & Accessories, Service and Repair, Training, Calibration Services and more.

"Inspecting To A Higher Level"


HOT News - OEM FAQ - Debunk MYTH and False Advertising in this Buyer Beware Marketplace.  Find out the real facts about our industry leading technologies and capabilities and why they are unmatched in the industry.  See how competing systems stack up against our systems, REGARDLESS of the Advertising !


HOT News - Don't Get Caught MISSING DEFECTS!  100% Coverage Magnetic Wall Loss Inspection ONLY Available from OEM !


News:  November 2014 - ARTIS-3 Portable Unit - Quad-Function-EMI™ technology Now Available in 3 Models.  High Speed USB 2.0 interface - only available from OEM !


News:  October 2014 - OEM expands operations in San Antonio, Texas to more than 54,000 square feet of facilities across four acres.  The expanded plant includes manufacturing, training and corporate offices.


News:  ARTIS-5 Systems #1 at Defect Detection !


News:  ARTIS-4 Well Head Unit - Now with Magnetic Flaw Detection Feature!    Time to throw away your air pump !


Industry News:  OEM Engineer Contributes to latest version of API RP-7G-2 Specification.

Paper:  Hall Sensors Outperform Search Coil Devices

Paper:  "Magnetic Wall Loss in Plain English"

Paper:  "The Magical Mag Coil"

Paper:  Electromagnetic Wall Loss Device Replaces Gamma Tool